Monday, September 25, 2006

Rain...Rain....Go Away?

Lol....sounds like that ol' rhyme we used to sing about lil' Johnny. There are lots of days when we wish rain hits the parched earth and our sun-frazzled selves. And then there are those rare days, when we wish the clouds would just march away and torment someone else.

These days, Trivandrum is being blessed by that rain gods in abundance. I am a fan of the rains, so I don't mind a soaking or two and there is nothing to beat the fresssshh look of Nature after a downpour. And to boot, all this rain is filling up those reservoirs which give us our drinking water and a lot of our power too. So, what's wrong?

Well, the only downside of this - other than a bit of mud and the risk of being splashed by some passing bus - is that the daily downpours would slow down construction work which is going on all around these days. Be it the massive buildings coming up at Technopark, the new Airport Terminal, the Bakery Jn. flyover or whatnot, rain slows down the pace of building and delays schedules.

One is left hoping that the rain that adds to our State's legendary beauty does not bog down its progress, albeit for a brief while. However, progress is unstoppable these days and work does go in spurts when the rains stay away and under tarps. In fact, I was driving home late last nite, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the road at the Museum junction, deserted under the downpour a mere hour ago, was now a buzz of activity. Like bugs which busily venture out between showers, a fleet of heavy machinery belong to Punj Lloyd had appeared out of nowhere and was busy completing work on the almost finished stretch of spanking new road...!

......Onward marches the relentless work of development! :-)


  1. First time here on ur blog, and came around through Orkut!!

    As for the torrents yday, almost literally swam home!!!


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